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Holding job is ludicrous, claims Rolls
By Adam Summers

Tuesday 11th January 2011

GEORGE Rolls has described suggestions that he is merely doing a holding job at the Bob Lucas Stadium to suit the needs of developers Morgan Sindall as “absolutely ludicrous”.

With confusion off the pitch reigning supreme at Weymouth over the last few weeks and recent results on it pushing the club deeper into the mire in the Zamaretto Premier Division, the Terras’ chairman has come under intense fire but continues to stand defiant.

Commenting on this latest accusation against him, Rolls said: “That is absolutely ludicrous. I have not spoken to Morgan Sindall for six or seven weeks now and Weymouth FC has no other relationship with them other than the option agreement.

“We will continue to try and work with them if they can find a suitable site for a new stadium but as yet that has not happened.

“As for people suggesting that I am being paid to do a job for them – that is just crazy.”

The majority shareholder has also been blasted over the confusion surrounding Rob Wolleaston’s contract, which the FA has no record of.

Refusing to shed any further light on the subject, Rolls merely added: “Rob has an agreement to be at the football club until May 2012. It is all above board and both the player and his agent know the situation.”

Associate director Nigel Biddlecome was also asked for his understanding of the deal and he said: “Rob is under contract for a certain sum of money and expenses, and as far as I am concerned that runs until the end of next season.”

Meanwhile, the Zamaretto Pre-mier Division has confirmed that Wolleaston has been registered as a non-contract player with them and “therefore no rules have been broken with us”.

One thing that is definitely clear is that Terras’ boss Ian Hutch-inson is now under even more pressure to make cuts and turnaround the club’s fortunes on the pitch, following three successive losses that have plunged his side nine points adrift of safety.

Rolls said: “We have got to start winning games of football and we have got to do it soon. How we do that is not my domain. That is down to the manager. As for the budget, Ian knows what he has got and it is up to him to make the necessary cuts.”

Biddlecombe echoed those sentiments by adding: “It is up to the management team to balance the books and who stays and who goes is down to them.”

In other news, it appears shares are on offer at the club for fans and potential investors to purchase.

Biddlcombe said: “George has told me that he is not looking to offload the club and that he is happy to sell shares as long as he retains his 51 per cent majority shareholding.

“He also said that all the proceeds will go to the club.”

Rolls added: “Just over 16 per cent of shares are available and with some supporters looking to become more pro-active at the club this is a chance for them to increase their shareholding.”

To find out more about purchasing shares email Rolls at


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