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Confusion reigns at Terras
By Adam Summers

Friday 7th January 2011

ROB Wolleaston insists that he just wants to “get on with playing Football” after the FA confirmed to Echosport yesterday afternoon that they have no record of the contract that he signed last September.

The ex-Chelsea man’s future at Weymouth has been in doubt all week due to proposed cuts to the playing budget and it appears he is still waiting to receive outstanding wages for the past two months.

Wolleaston, who is still struggling with the same flu bug that saw him miss last Monday’s defeat at Bashley, said: “I signed the contract back in September and I was going to contact the FA myself to be on the safe side.

“I have been waiting for a copy of the contract but the chairman has just kept saying that I would receive one soon.

“I have also not been paid properly for the last two months. I have received a little but not the full amount.”

The FA’s registration department told Echosport that they would look into the matter once Wolleaston notified them of his concerns in writing.

A spokesman said: “We have not got it (record of the contract) and if the player knows he signed it, he must write in telling us when he signed it, so we can start asking questions.”

Confusion has once again reigned supreme at the Bob Lucas Stadium all week. The board had initially planned to announce cuts to the playing budget after the Bashley game but in a last-minute change of heart applied the brakes.

Wolleaston, who is the top earner in the squad, then told Echosport on Wednesday that Rolls had contacted him the previous day to confirm that he would be staying with the club, only for the major shareholder then to reveal yesterday that the budget has indeed been reduced.

Rolls, who was not available for comment after the issue of Wolleaston’s contract came to light, said: “The playing budget has been set at £8,000 a month all in, since the start of the season, and we have been in and around that figure every month. In fact, some months we have been spectacularly over that budget.

“With our commercial activity as it is at the moment, it is clear we cannot afford that now but people seem to be making mountains out of molehills over it.”

When asked to confirm the budget for January, Rolls went on to add: “It is now, incorporating the money from the Wessex Fantasy Football, £6,776 a month, which is inclusive of Ian and Andy Mason’s wages. So, as you can see, as of the start of this month, it has dropped by just under £1,300.”

Hutchinson, who has clearly been perplexed by these developments, responded: “Rob has stated that the chairman said he would be able to stay but earlier in the week I was under the impression that, with a heavy heart, I would have to move him on due to the proposed cuts.

“That does not seem to be the case now after what the chairman told him but there does seem to be a slight confusion in it all.

“Now though, it is about concentrating on the game at Cambridge City on Saturday.”

Wolleaston is in complete agreement with his boss and is hoping he will be fit to feature in the clash. He said: “I am not sure what is going on and I just wish people were straight down the line and told you how it is.

“I feel for the manager because it appears he is not sure what is going on either but these things happen and hopefully it will get cleared up as soon as possible so we can just get on with playing football and trying to stay up.”


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