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Rolls Royce
By Derek Bish

Saturday 28th November 2009

Weymouth Football Club was just 10 minutes from oblivion before former Cambridge United chairman George Rolls stepped in to save it.

The Trade Recruitment supremo satisfied the conditions set by the Terras’ board on Monday and assumed control after pumping £50,000 into the Wessex Stadium-based outfit.

Company secretary Ian Winsor warned supporters in yesterday’s Echosport that he would have no option but to liquidate the club if Rolls failed to meet the deadline.

Winsor said: “With 10 minutes to spare, Weymouth Football Club is pleased to announce that, having met the conditions, George Rolls has assumed control of the company.”

Speaking to Echosport yesterday afternoon, ahead of his Monday morning Press conference, Rolls said he hopes to bring financial stability back to the club and finally get it to work within its means – which he believes needs to start with addressing dwindling attendances at the Wessex Stadium.

“The hard work starts Monday morning,” said Rolls. “The fans need to realise I’m not some big saviour – I don’t look at myself that way.

“It really is down to the town of Weymouth if they want a football club for years and generations to come because at the moment, with the level of support and income streams, there is a bleak future.

“I will give them my word that we will work as hard as we can to turn this around.

“This season is all about survival, on and off the pitch. We can regroup next season and hopefully get the club back in the Blue Square Premier, where I think it belongs.”

With nobody left on the Terras’ board of directors, Winsor was left to sign off the deal with Rolls.

“If I hadn’t stayed involved until the end then the club would have gone into liquidation,” said Winsor.

“Because of my knowledge with the club I will provide George with any assistance he needs.”

Winsor has also backed Rolls to have a good crack at getting Weymouth out of yet another perilous situation.

“George is just football mad,” said the former director. “Why would he put £25,000 into the club’s bank account and give another £25,000 by banker’s draft if he didn’t have the plans to make it survive?”

He added: “George has got to hit the ground running – he turned around Cambridge United and did a very good job. He deserves a fair crack.”

Having read yesterday’s story in Echosport that the club would be liquidated if Rolls failed to meet the noon deadline, Steve Beasant and Chris Ryan reiterated their commitment to helping the club out.

But after the deal between Rolls and the Terras was completed, Ryan added his best wishes to the Cambridgeshire-based businessman.

However, the town financier doesn’t see himself getting involved in the club now, even though there are around 600,000 Make It So Ltd shares up for grabs at 50p each.

“Good luck to George, I hope it works out,” said Ryan. “He has got football experience so hopefully he can turn it around.

“I’ve got a number of things going on in terms of developing this business and in my personal life, so there are possibilities, but nothing I’ve given any thought.


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