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Fans and businesses rally round to raise £50,000 for Terras
By Aaron Hendy

Saturday 12th September 2009

FANS and businesses have rallied round to raise £50,000 to save Weymouth Football Club from administration.

The ‘Terras Saviour 100’ scheme has raised the money after the board set a 10-day deadline to raise the cash.

A cut-off date was originally set for September 8 but the deadline was extended when the scheme looked like meeting its target with extra time.

And the board has now sent out a thank-you to the fans, with two businessman pledging £500 each to help make it to the 100 mark.

Ian Ridley – who has vacated his role as chairman due to illness – called the success of the project ‘overwhelming.’ He said: “Everyone should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved in just eight days; both those who have donated and those who have administered the scheme.

“I would also personally like to thank Steve Claridge, whose appearance last weekend highlighted our plight to a wide audience that meant we received help from around the country and abroad as well as boosting our local campaign over the subsequent few days.

Mr Ridley said meeting the target was a signal of the town’s support for its club.

He said: “There are those who think Weymouth FC should just exist in some minor form or even be quietly allowed to die.

“This shows just how many people out there will not let that happen while there is breath in their bodies.

“It will now be for the board of directors, led by acting chairman Dave Higson, to meet early next week to consider the next step and decide on how to spend the money prudently to keep the club trading while we implement new revenue streams.

“We will now do our utmost to ensure that we do not find ourselves in such a serious position again.”

Director Shaun Hennessy said the board will strive to use the money wisely and hopes creditors will respect where the money has come from.

He said: “This is fantastic and proves the club is some- thing well worth fighting for.

“Now it’s up to us to establish a way forward. We’ve won the battle but we are still at war.”

General Manager Andy Cooke – who started the scheme – called the success ‘a fantastic team effort’ and wanted to thank everyone who had supported the project.

In a club statement the board praised his efforts and also thanked Carol Biggs, Tim Davis, Jackie Taylor, Liz Bell, Hilary Billimore, Dickie Borthwick, Mark Probin and Dave Parsons for their ‘amazing’ work.

Stuart Barnes and acting chairman Dave Higson were the final two ‘saviours’ who donated cash to reach the target.

All members of the scheme receive two season tickets and an advertising board as well as being entered into a draw with 100 sponsorship packages as prizes.

Prizes at the ‘We’re Saved’ celebration in the Wessex Stadium’s Weyline Lounge on September 29 will include having the stadium renamed and kit sponsorship.

The match sponsorship prize will apply to a later match and not the St Albans match, due to the date of the draw.


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